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MCQMRA club fees are $150 for full membership and $100 for an Associates membership.

The NASCAR youth series fees are $100 for the insurance and $10 for each driver and handler. The insurance is a requirement to have to race at any local club, Regional, or National race. 

MCQMRA requires completion of a separate MCQMRA membership application and a $25 fee for each alternate handler not living in your household. MCQMRA dues and any alternate handler fees must be paid separately to MCQMRA.

Steps to become a member of MCQMRA:

Step 1

Go to the USAC website ( and choose Honda .25 Midget National Championship to complete the online form.  Home USAC track is noted as "Music City - Nashville TN".   This will complete your USAC membership and pay your USAC dues.  You will receive an automated email confirmation of your registration from USAC.

Step 2

Please complete the following documents by clicking the documents button below and printing out the documents, completing, and submitting all documents as a packet with birth certificate, (outlined below). Payment link below as well.


Step 3

Provide a copy of any new driver's birth certificate. Please note, if we already have a copy of the birth certificate from last year, you do not need to provide another copy.


Step 4

Signatures of MCQMRA membership documents must be completed in the presence of a Club Officer, otherwise they must be notarized.  Please bring completed documents, copies of necessary birth certificates, to MCQMRA for processing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us HERE

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